What’s new in STATA



Bayesian econometrics

Interval-censored Cox model

Difference in differences (DID)

Bayesian VAR

Multivariate meta-analysis

Treatment-effects lasso

Panel-data multinomial logit

Zero-inflated ordered logit

Bayesian IRF and FEVD analysis

Bayesian dynamic forecasting

Do-file Editor enhancements

Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL)

Stata on Apple Silicon



Jupyter Notebook with Stata

Faster Stata

Bayesian multilevel modeling

New functions for dates and times

Leave-one-out meta-analysis

Galbraith plots

Bayesian panel-data models

Nonparametric tests for trend

Lasso with clustered data

BIC for lasso penalty selection

Bayesian linear and nonlinear DSGEs

H2O integration

Java integration

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