Researching Evaluation Influence: A Review of the Literature

The impact of an evaluation is an important consideration in
designing and carrying out evaluations.
Evaluation influence is a way of thinking about the effect that an evaluation can have in the broadest possible
terms, which its proponents argue will lead to a systematic body of evidence
about influential evaluation practices.
Method: This literature review sets
out to address three research questions: How have researchers defined
evaluation influence; how is this reflected in the research; and what does the
research suggest about the utility of evaluation influence as a conceptual
framework. Drawing on studies that had cited one of the key evaluation
influence articles and conducted original research on some aspect of influence this article reviewed the current state of the literature toward the goal
of developing a body of evidence about how to practice influential evaluation.
Results: Twenty-eight studies were found that have drawn on evaluation influence, which were categorized into (a) descriptive studies, (b)
analytical studies, and (c) hypothesis testing.
Conclusion: Despite the prominence of evaluation influence in the literature, there is slow progress