Evaluation Roots: An International Perspective

This journal article considers
evaluators or evaluation groups in the
developing world and examines how they
might be placed on a conceptual
framework depicting evaluation theorists.
The starting point for this reflection is the
Theory Tree described in
(Alkin, 2004, 2012). In a new
edition of the Roots publication, North
American, European and Australasian
theorists have been placed on an
Evaluation Theory Tree consisting of
three main branches: methods, valuing
and use with one branch representing his
or her main emphasis among the three.
This chapter considers the addition of
evaluation perspectives from other parts
of the world. The state of evaluation in low
and middle income countries (LMICs)
suggests two things. First, much
evaluation fits effectively on the Theory
Tree as it is presented, with perhaps some
nuance, but we see a collective rather than
individual origin of the limited evaluation