CERISE SPI4: a social performance audit tool

What is SPI4?

The SPI4 – Social Performance Indicators 4 – is a social performance assessment tool for financial service providers (FSP). The SPI4 allows FSPs evaluate their level of implementation of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, including the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles. SPI4 also offers users with a specific mission focus — green, poverty, gender — to assess their practices, thanks to optional indicators that reflect the latest industry thinking in these areas.

SPI has been developed by CERISE and its partners since 2001, with constant feedback from SPI users using an iterative, collaborative approach.

Since 2003, more than 580 FSPs have used the SPI — updated regularly to include sector developments and user feedback — to help assess and improve their practices.

The fourth version, SPI4, was launched in January 2014 and updated in July 2016.

Why use SPI4?

  • Learn good practice as you assess
  • Showcase your social achievements with the SPI4 social dashboard
  • Reduce time spent on social reporting to your Board and investors, thanks to standard metrics
  • Take advantage of technical resources and implementation guidance for each essential practice assessed in the SPI4
  • Compare results to peer benchmarks, to get a fresh perspective and see where to focus improvement.

Share with us your SPI4!

In exchange for using SPI4 for free, CERISE requests users to inform us on the use of SPI4 and to send us the completed SPI4 questionnaire, for confidential entry into our benchmarking database.