10th AfrEA International Conference: CALL FOR ABSTRACTS/PROPOSALS

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The Board of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) in partnership with the Ethiopia Evaluation
Association (EEvA) and the Government of Ethiopia takes pleasure to invite submissions for the 10th
AfrEA International Conference.
The conference will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from September 20th
-24th, 2021.
In the past, various African and international participants submitted and presented paper and poster
presentations, chaired panels, and facilitated professional development workshops. The conference
acts as the foundation for promoting and advocating AfrEA’s “Made in Africa” approach, and allows
knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking with a wide range of international organisations
and individuals.
With a theme titled “Evaluation that leaves no-one behind: empowering progress towards
the Africa we want amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the other crises and opportunities
facing us”, the 10th AfrEA conference aims to:
• Promote learning and action to support evaluation practice that contributes to real,
responsive, agile and sustained development in Africa
• Promote Africa-rooted and Africa-led evaluation through sharing African evaluation
• Build the theory and practice of evaluation in Africa by providing the platform for the
development and sharing of a high quality body of contextually-relevant knowledge on
• Support the establishment and growth of national evaluation associations or VOPEs and
other related communities of practice
• Facilitate capacity building, networking and sharing of new developments in evaluation
theory and practice, towards fostering capacity development among evaluators,
policymakers, researchers, development specialists and related stakeholders in the
evaluation eco-system.
• Facilitate networking and partnerships between key local and global stakeholders and
development partners towards an integrated, coherent approach to strengthening
evaluation systems, knowledge and practice on the African continent.
In addition, AfrEA aims to empower members to influence national M&E system and policy in their
respective states and represent Africa on the global stage of M&E.